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Outside by Tigerlily377 Outside :icontigerlily377:Tigerlily377 2 0 The World Threw The Eyes of a Child by Tigerlily377 The World Threw The Eyes of a Child :icontigerlily377:Tigerlily377 0 0
The Man I'd be Today
The man I’d be today if I hadn’t made the mistakes I made.
A loving husband with kids with whom I take time to play
A brother, uncle and a loving son who helped those in need and hated no one
A colleague, a hard worker, a caring friend
Someone who will comfort you with an ear to lend
Someone to be there for others in their time of need; to wipe away their tears and mend cuts when they bleed
The man I’d be today is the man I want to be but that is just a dream and who I am now is reality
:icontigerlily377:Tigerlily377 0 0
Mature content
My Name is Drugs :icontigerlily377:Tigerlily377 0 0
Isolated in the Crowd
You feel overcrowded and suffocated at times, despite who you are with.
Other times you feel completely alone whether or not you are. So you simply smile and laugh even though inside you are crying and dying.
You cry and scream and shout even though you know that it will all be in vain because no one is listening. You beg for help with your actions, but no one bothers to look past the mask. So many people are in it for themselves making everyone isolated in a crowd. So go on and scream and shout you will not find what you are looking for.
It is so rare to find someone who can hear you, despite your silences that know that one the inside you are breaking down. Then, they lend you their hand and help you with your problem, so you may not feel so lonely.
:icontigerlily377:Tigerlily377 0 0
There are times that you feel completely useless.
There are times that you feel lower than dirt.
You watch all of the people around you, and you just feel like you don’t belong with them.
You feel that you aren’t pretty, smart or talented and you simply wish that you could melt into the floor and vanish from everyone’s memory.
Though you feel this way you have to try to remember your positive traits and the people who care about you; and have the courage to carry on, despite feeling so down.
:icontigerlily377:Tigerlily377 0 0
Humanity by Tigerlily377 Humanity :icontigerlily377:Tigerlily377 0 0 Untitled by Tigerlily377 Untitled :icontigerlily377:Tigerlily377 3 1 Untitled by Tigerlily377 Untitled :icontigerlily377:Tigerlily377 1 0 Untitled by Tigerlily377 Untitled :icontigerlily377:Tigerlily377 1 0 Untitled by Tigerlily377 Untitled :icontigerlily377:Tigerlily377 1 0 Untitled by Tigerlily377 Untitled :icontigerlily377:Tigerlily377 5 0
To A Wonderful Someone
To a wonderful someone, though our paths have gone their separate ways you truly are a wonderful person no matter what anyone else may say to you. You have given me so many wonderful and beautiful memories and you supported me no matter how silly I was being due to any account of factors. Even when I was upset or completely stressed and irrational you stood by me when I needed it most. Even if our paths never cross again you will always hold a piece of my heart and no matter how we parted I will still hold some love and affection towards you.
So these are my wishes for you. I wish and hope that you find the love and happiness that you deserve from this life and the next. I wish that whoever you find will love you with all of their being and will listen to you as you have listened to others in their times of need. I hope that you find a path that you will be happy with for the rest of your days in all ways that there are in this life such as love, family, and a career. Know even though
:icontigerlily377:Tigerlily377 1 0
My Heart
My heart has been damaged for so long that I didn’t think that I would ever be able to give it to anyone. I had come to distrust anyone with any kind of intent platonic or romantic; I had just decided that everyone was out to hurt me and my heart. For years I had tried to find someone to trust but I never succeeded until you.  All of the previous attempts at love had all fallen flat and I had never really been happy in those relationships. We started out as friends and I was easy to trust you and to give into telling you about myself. Things continued this way for a few years, and then we decided to go further and be more than friends. Here we are and I have learned to give into you and give you my heart. I have come to trust you so much more than I had ever thought I was capable of trusting another person. Not only have I given you my heart but in many ways you have become my heart. So mi corazón I love and trust you above all others with my whole heart, please take
:icontigerlily377:Tigerlily377 7 11
Learning to be Human Again
Learning to be Human Again
Dedicated to My Girl
Once, long ago I had gotten so emotionally hurt that I had decided to shut off these emotions to avoid the pain. In many ways it was overly successful and through this in many ways I had “lost” my humanity. Through this there were many emotional break downs that I had no longer understood. After each break down I went back to “shutting them off”, in other words bottling them up. I drifted like this for years, not understanding the rest of humanity around me. I made friends, yes, but that was done with my “false” personality. I went along with it and became a follower. I still had the breakdowns but my mental stability went downhill and it went fast.
Then I came to University. I met you and all of our friends. Over the days I slowly stopped being the “fake me” and you and some of our friends chose to stay with the “real me”. Day by day all of you helped show me that being human wa
:icontigerlily377:Tigerlily377 2 2
The Real Me
You said that it was okay, that I didn't have to hide who I really was. You said that it was fine to have my own opinion and feelings. You said that you wouldn't hate me for it. Now that I have started to show who I really am, I have expressed that opinion and those feelings but you didn't like what I had to say. I know that what I had to say wasn't as nice as how I used to say them. But the real me is not as nice, that me was developed as means to survive. Now that I don't need her, the real me is making a rapid return, but the two of them are trying to come to a compromise or at least try to co-exist in peace. The real me is very blunt but always says what she wants and what she means.
So now that you have seen and heard from the real me, what do you have to say?
Do you regret telling me to be who I really am?
Do you really want to see the entirety of who I really am?
:icontigerlily377:Tigerlily377 2 4


Dancing in the moonlight by ElenaDudina Dancing in the moonlight :iconelenadudina:ElenaDudina 181 42 For the best Mom (Mom Swapped) by Zenox-furry-man For the best Mom (Mom Swapped) :iconzenox-furry-man:Zenox-furry-man 910 40 Happy fairy  by Brejchova Happy fairy :iconbrejchova:Brejchova 17 1 Lady of the apples by ElenaDudina Lady of the apples :iconelenadudina:ElenaDudina 736 123 Rose Stems by pinkythepink Rose Stems :iconpinkythepink:pinkythepink 893 84 X-23 and Jubilee costume swap by Asenath23 X-23 and Jubilee costume swap :iconasenath23:Asenath23 297 54 Emma Frost by Asenath23 Emma Frost :iconasenath23:Asenath23 134 25 Gambit by Aoyiz Gambit :iconaoyiz:Aoyiz 110 11 X-23 by Asenath23 X-23 :iconasenath23:Asenath23 227 37 Storm by Asenath23 Storm :iconasenath23:Asenath23 105 21 Zack and Aerith by MCAshe Zack and Aerith :iconmcashe:MCAshe 226 42 Rock Candy by Hootsweets Rock Candy :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 3,917 289
Only With You

"Hey guys! Check it out!" Fiona ran over to where Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee stood, Cake right on her heels. She showed them the bundle of blankets she was carrying, grinning. "Cake and I found it abandoned in an old house. I think it's human."
Marshall reached out and cautiously poked the baby's cheek. "It's so... squishy."
"Cake and I need to go save Raggedy Prince from the Ice Queen again, so do you think you guys can watch her?" Fiona asked.
The baby grabbed Marshall Lee's finger and laughed delightedly, earning a small smile from the vampire king. "Sure," he said. "Why not?"
Fiona beamed. "Great." She handed Prince Gumball the baby and ran out of the building with Cake. "See you later!"
"Are you sure they can handle the baby?" Cake asked.
"I'm sure they'll be fine. Now come on, before Ice Queen tries to get Raggedy Prince to marry her," Fiona said, pulling out her sword.
"What do we do with it?" Marshall asked, carefully trying to get the
:iconicarusleonardo:IcarusLeonardo 22 7
APH: Halloween by waterylt APH: Halloween :iconwaterylt:waterylt 1,949 122 For You by Saibrayyear For You :iconsaibrayyear:Saibrayyear 28 11 APH -- World Meeting -- Part 2 by aphin123 APH -- World Meeting -- Part 2 :iconaphin123:aphin123 772 196




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Like the title says I finally decided to have my Theatre History and LGBT History work on a blog that I set up instead of just on my HubPages account. I now have all of the articles that I have finished put on my page, Not the Usual History, which I still need to continue tweaking the look of it but at least I have the information up. Here is the address for my blog:…
Yay, small accomplishments! Check it out or not, it's up to you.
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